PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming – Learn the Pros and Cons

Gamers have never been so spoiled for choice. While the console vs PC war has been around for ages, consoles today have bridged the gap by finally providing decent multiplayer capabilities. Is this the end of the PC as the dominant gaming machine? This article examines the pros and cons of PC vs console gaming.


While it is possible to get a PC at about the same cost of a console, it would be such a stripped down version that it wouldn’t be able to play the latest games. Dollar for dollar, consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, PS3 and Xbox360 still offer the greater bang for buck in terms of gaming power.


The most you can do to upgrade your console is to replace the harddrive and purchase new controllers. With a PC, the skies the limit. If you are not satisfied with the graphics or sound, simply change the video or add in a new sound card. If you want faster speed, you can upgrade the CPU and motherboard.


While consoles today can be used as media centres or to surf the internet, PCs still offer a lot more versatility in terms of the number of applications that can be installed.

Learning curve and ease of use:

The console definitely has an advantage here as most games just require you to pop in the disc and it works. PC games might require more complicated installations, especially if your drivers are not up to date.

Range of games:

The PC still has the advantage in this area, especially in the area of massively multiplayer online games and multiplayer browser games which are not available on a console.

Is this the end of PC gaming? While more and more gamers are jumping onto the console bandwagon, there is still life to the PC yet, with hardcore MMORPG players and fans of multiplayer browser games keeping the PC alive as a gaming machine.

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